Supported accommodation schemes for homeless people in Northern Ireland funded by the Supporting People programme: a performance evaluation

This research was commissioned by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive. It evaluated the performance of supported accommodation schemes for homeless people funded from the Supporting People budget using three types of measure: accommodation standards, performance in delivering an accommodation-based support service, and financial performance. There were three different outputs: the research developed a statistical methodology for comparing the performance of different services; it then compared performance in schemes intended for five different client groups, and in schemes operating in each of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive’s five administrative areas; and finally the research developed an understanding of the part that supported accommodation plays in meeting the needs of homeless people, and how the systems that allocate this accommodation work in different parts of Northern Ireland. Findings and conclusions were presented at the Housing Studies Association Conference in York in April 2012. In the absence of the author, John Palmer, the presentation was made by Joe Frey, Head of Research, NIHE. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation is available in Briefings and Research – click here: PowerPoint slides presented at the Housing Studies Association Conference at York University in April 2012. [2.86MB] .