Support for business writing and tendering now added to our services

Commissioners are formalising and standardising their approach to tendering and procurement. Procurement is increasingly coordinated through centralised procurement teams whose staff may not always know much about the services they are commissioning. This leads to tension between commissioning departments and central procurement teams. Commissioners may want to prioritise quality while central procurement teams may have their eyes fixed firmly on price. Tendering to retain current business and win new contracts has become more complex and takes an increasing amount of time. These trends pose a number of difficulties for hard-pressed service providers.

Are you up to speed on tendering? Does your business writing in Newsletters, Annual Reports and Press Releases give the right impression of what your organisation is doing?

North Harbour Consulting is now helping organisations to prepare effective tenders that win business, and to upgrade their business writing generally. For more information, contact John Palmer on 07967 023005, or by email at