Specialist support for Wycombe Heritage and Arts Trust

Wycombe District Council is transferring the Wycombe Museum to a newly formed charity – Wycombe Heritage and Arts Trust (WHAT). North Harbour Consulting has been appointed to advise on due diligence and asset transfer. Funding is from New Futures Buckinghamshire via Grantscape.

WHAT trustees have put a project plan in place for the transfer, and have identified various aspects of due diligence that need to be carried out. They have expertise in some of the areas themselves, but feel that they lack expertise in others. They would like someone with expertise in due diligence and asset transfer to advise them and to carry out the areas of due diligence that they are unable to do themselves. They would also like an external independent person to look at their business plan in case there are any gaps.

New Futures Buckinghamshire provides support and development opportunities for the county’s Voluntary and Community Sector and Parish Councils.