North Harbour Consulting taking part in a review of demographic trends and housing requirements in Northern Ireland

We have been invited to act as specialist sub-contractors to RSM McClure Watters in carrying out an evaluation of demographic change and housing requirements in Northern Ireland. The study is being commissioned by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive. It will: – follow up previous research on NI demographic trends and housing need, assess the extent to which predictions made in an earlier 2004 study have come true, and use the 2011 census to extrapolate demographic trends/housing requirements – consider how economic factors have affected household formation and future housing need & demand – review the main demographic trends in NI in relation to the UK, the island of Ireland as a whole & the EU, with reference to underlying economic and social factors affecting demographic trends – explore views and attitudes about demographically-driven models in housing need assessment, especially the extent to which the net stock model currently used by NIHE may be appropriate in the future assessment of housing need – develop a census-based model of demand/need for NI for 2011-21
The study will go on to: – provide annual estimates of new build requirements for social and private housing; – assess the potential for disaggregating this regional figure for NI to a Housing Market Area level; – evaluate models developed in GB for assessing the need for affordable housing, and estimate the need for social housing in the context of demographic change & government policy.
Our role in the study will be to conduct a series of interviews as a basis for consultation with housing experts and practitioners in Northern Ireland. Other specialist sub-contractors include Emeritus Professor Chris Paris (University of Ulster) and Professor Peter Williams (University of Cambridge).