Long term research project for the Northern Ireland Housing Executive completed

The main focus of this research project was on the performance of supported accommodation schemes for homeless people in Northern Ireland that are funded from the Supporting People budget . The research looked at performance on the basis of accommodation standards, three measures of performance in delivering an accommodation-based support service, and two measures of financial performance. It has compared performance in schemes intended for five different client groups across Northern Ireland as a whole, and in schemes operating in each of the Housing Executive’s five administrative areas. The client groups on which the study is based are homeless families, vulnerable single homeless, women escaping domestic violence, offenders and those at risk of offending, and people with addictions. The research has also developed an understanding of the part that supported accommodation plays in meeting the needs of homeless people and how the systems that allocate this accommodation work in different areas. A spreadsheet contains the percentage scheme scores and rankings for each of the variables on which scheme performance was been compared, and can be used to identify the strong and weak performers individually. The research will be presented at the Housing Studies Association Conference in York, April 2012.