Briefings and Research

In this section you can download briefings, toolkits, research and marketing materials. If you download a document, please write to us to tell us what you think – see Contact Us.

Briefings and Toolkits

Equality and Diversity Toolkit [1.31MB] .

Community Engagement Framework [92.20kB] .

Community Engagement Toolkit [262.47kB] .

Briefing 1: Mapping Studies and Information Systems [81.16kB] .

Briefing 2: Project Evaluation and Service Review [65.06kB]


Community engagement on the Isle of Wight [129.68kB] .

Economic and Social Audit of the VCS in Brighton & Hove [264.14kB]

Review of Community Facilities in Alton (Summary) [78.91kB]

Mapping the VCS in BNES – Executive Summary [113.12kB]

Living with Physical Impairments in Rural Areas [71.45kB]

Hard copies of all our briefings and reports in standard or large print can be obtained from North Harbour Consulting – see Contact Us.


North Harbour Consulting Information Sheet October 2012 [165.39kB]

Surviving the Cuts: Services to Support Modernisation, Diversification and Partnerships [60.31kB]

North Harbour Consulting: Supporting Active Citizenship [62.00kB]


The Briefings, Toolkits and Marketing Materials are Copyright North Harbour Consulting. Copyright in the research reports is jointly vested in the commissioning client and North Harbour Consulting.

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